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What is Brownie Points?

We all understand that engaged and passionate employees build better, stronger, more resilient teams and organisations. Bridging the engagement gap between employers and employees by sharing values, ensuring inclusion and working towards a common goal will make people more productive and more innovative, reducing staff turnover and improving customer and guest experience.

As a recognised thought leader in employee engagement, our mission is to make the world a better place to work.

Brownie Points is a multi-award winning positive behaviour recognition platform that helps clients to motivate employees and increase passion and experience. Giving real time positive feedback is proven to improve employee passion, motivation and contribution and Brownie Points is an ideal platform to deliver an improved corporate culture and maximise the investment in employees, by reducing staff turnover, increasing productivity and improving customer experience.

We have a proven track record of improving the level of client employee engagement scores while delivering a measurable return on investment.

Our easy to personalise platform can align employees performance with your business objectives and company values, by recognising and rewarding shared victories every day.

Without question, engagement drives profit.

Brownie Points drives engagement.

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Brownie Points is a
multi-award winning
software platform

Imagine all of your employee recognition programs in one fully integrated platform with everyday peer or manager recognition including:

  • customer feedback recognition
  • employee of the month or quarter
  • innovation or cost saving initiatives
  • recruitment referrals
  • birthdays or years of service awards
  • call centre incentive schemes
  • on-boarding and education
  • productivity and safety
  • sales or dealer incentive programs

Aligned with every employee, everywhere in your organisation. That’s Brownie Points.

With thousands of users our proven, low risk platform is designed to improve employee engagement, giving you a competitive edge while making you an employer of choice.

With an easy to justify cost of ownership, Brownie Points is ideal for commercial and Not for Profit organisations of all sizes and budgets.

There is a strong correlation between engaged employees who have purpose and meaning in their work and brand value and corporate performance.

Passionate and motivated employees can have a major impact on your business.

If you don’t look after your employees your competitors will.

Appreciating great work and staff contribution has been proven to deliver significant business benefits.

We believe that your employees are your most precious resource and staff passion and engagement is vital if you wish to maximise the potential in your people.

Brownie Points is designed to maximise passion and staff performance with a program that is simple to implement and personalise, easy to use and quick to maintain.

The Brownie Points software platform is ideal for delivering staff recognition programs to overcome your engagement challenges.

Our multi-award winning software has been designed to deliver measurable business benefits to:

  • Increase staff retention and talent attraction
  • Encourage innovation and cost saving ideas
  • Improve customer or guest experience and loyalty
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Generate increased sales opportunities
  • Improve productivity
  • Maximise business results and brand value

Brownie Points gives you the opportunity to recognise and reward excellence and improve staff engagement with a measurable return on investment.

We guarantee it.


Fully Managed registration process. Easy sign up for your employees and channel partners to join with a simple but effective front facing web interface. Single sign-on options.


All your programs in one easy to maintain platform. Ideal for social recognitions, points based recognition, anniversaries, employee of the month awards, spot awards, sales incentive programs and manager awards.


A dynamic, web-based, mobile friendly, Rewards Catalogue uploaded with inspirational and meaningful, tangible rewards centered on what your team loves.


Real-time tracking of recognitions. Reporting suite provides valuable behavioural data. Insights and real time intelligence on your talent and culture. Supports Return on Investment (ROI) metrics.

Mobile Technology

Real-time recognition.

Our mobile app provides you with the next generation solution to drive a culture of Real-time appreciation anywhere, anytime. Recognition loses its impact when given out of context. That is why it should always be accessible, wherever you are. Our innovative and instant Recognition technology is designed to champion human achievement and connection. This is one of the key ways to engage, retain and motivate all your employees in today’s work culture and measure employee engagement. Brownie Points is mobile responsive with a fully functional app, making the platform ideal for organisations where staff are both desk based or on the move.

Brownie Points is a proven, low risk, multi-award winning, leading edge technology that is used by thought leading organisations around the world.

Brownie Points

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