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Brownie Points arrives in Middle East

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Dubai, UAE, May 9, 2017– Australia’s, award-winning workplace employee recognition and reward (R&R) platform Brownie Points has arrived in the Middle East and North Africa under the white-labelled sub-brand ‘TASTAHEL’, which is Arabic for ‘You Deserve it!’

TASTAHEL is being operated by UAE-based The Storey Group following a partnership agreement with Brownie Points which will see international standard R&R protocols enter the regional workplace.

“The MENA region is ripe for development of international employee recognition (and reward) standards given its growing success in developing and expanding its own outward-focused global brands and the increasing strides made by governments and the private sector to develop practices which are in line with the UN Happiness Index,” said Tony Delaney, CEO Brownie Points. 

Delaney says within MENA there is increasing recognition of the productive link between employee engagement and bottom-line delivery. “The marketplace is becoming increasingly competitive and we are receiving more interest from businesses which rightly consider employee engagement and recognition to be a significant force multiplier to corporate performance.”

Brownie Points chose the UAE and The Storey Group as its MENA launch pad to “gain a good foothold and harness significant and relevant local experience,” according to Delaney.

TASTAHEL is unique. It is a fully configurable, cloud based, real time software platform that allows clients to develop formal points based and/or informal non-points based and social employee recognition and incentive programs. “It can look and feel like a company’s own scheme,” explained Karen Storey, CEO, The Storey Group. “Clients can brand and name their own system and our team helps get the strategy, criteria and rewards in place. It’s simple to use, and has given so many international companies the edge with their employee engagement. TASTAHEL is all about looking forward, setting goals, and helping people find the path to achieve them.

“The best part is that it pulls all employee recognition requirements into one fully integrated platform which, in itself, will save businesses time and money and produce more streamlined, inter-connected results giving clients a 360-degree picture of their overall R&R performance. The addition of TASTAHEL bolsters our People & Culture Technology offering and helps us to deliver end-to-end employee engagement solutions. We already have engagement measurement and action through our We Thrive platform, and now we can reward engagement and recognise the outputs with TASTAHEL,” added Storey.


This UAE-based business advisory helps clients throughout the MENA region to manage business transformation, deliver human capital projects and enhance employee engagement through world-class technology partnerships.

If you would like more information on how The Story Group can support your business in MENA, please contact Karen Storey at 050 917 5210 or email at

The Storey Group Website:

Address: Dubai South, PO Box 390667, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Brownie Points now has distributors in MENA and South Africa, and is looking to expand into other regions around the world. To learn how you could become a Brownie Points distributor, please contact Tony Delaney on +61 9909 7411 or email him at



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