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Brownie Points “Recognised” at Cardinia’s Business Awards

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The following article was published in the SE Regional Business magazine. Having won the recent ‘Start up Smart’ award as ‘One to watch’ and having been listed as a finalist in the forthcoming prestigious Annual Telstra Business Awards, the winning of an award at the Cardinia Business Awards completed a fantastic hat trick.

“Brownie Points is one of this year’s business award recipients as winner of the Southern Regional Development Innovation category in the Cardinia Business Awards 2012, as well as being runner up in the Business and Professional Services category.

The name “Brownie Points” comes from “Brownie Points Badges” based on the notion of doing something of merit, and getting rewarded for it. 

In January 2011, the Brownie Points software was totally redeveloped, drawing on managing director Tony Delaney’s background of working with corporate clients in loyalty, sales, marketing and computer solutions, and with significant assistance from the two other founders of Brownie Points,  Adrian Jobson and Chris Keenan. 

“Staff engagement can have a huge impact on business” explained Tony.  “Brownie Points focuses on this.”

Brownie Points delivers a new approach to help business identify areas which can be improved through greater staff engagement, leading to increased sales or improved customer service. Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are identified and measured to improve business performance. Organisations can measure actual dollar improvements and monitor staff performance and engagement to recognise and reward employees for their efforts. 

Current clients are located throughout Victoria, with networks and partnerships around Australia. The Brownie Points team work closely with Human Resource consulting organisations who add value to their clients by recommending the software.

 For the Brownie Points software solution to deliver real benefits, an organisation has to start with a culture of recognition e.g. the simple gesture of saying thank you.  

The software measures staff performance by identifying behaviours utilising key performance indicators (e.g. KPI’s on great customer feedback) through recognition by peers, supervisors and managers. Instant recognition is a key requirement to maximise the impact of the observed behaviour.  

Brownie Points reward programs are: 

  • Quick to implement
  • Intuitive to learn
  • Fun to use and viral
  • Cost effective, while delivering a measurable return on investment 

Brownie Points is ideal for: 

  • Organisations that have tried rewarding staff but not recognised the benefits
  • Companies that believe reward and recognition is complex and costly
  • Businesses that need to improve staff engagement 

Businesses can easily personalise and self-brand their recognition program. 

Staff ownership of the program is essential for a successful system implementation

The system is built around a dynamic process, encouraging continual internal performance review to deliver sustainable benefits. The solution has wide appeal, as staff don’t get penalised for not achieving. If they do achieve, they get rewards. It also works for ‘quiet’ achievers. 

Brownie Points offers a transparent and consistent process across the organisation for staff recognition which makes it ideal for performance management and makes it a great feeder system for annual appraisals. 

They recommend a broad base of rewards rather than money, which has been proven not to motivate staff, with “experiences” being popular motivational rewards.  

Brownie Points reward and recognition is perfect for businesses large and small, allowing organisations to recognise ‘staff going the extra mile’ while systematising the process. 

Employees who don’t feel recognised or appreciated will leave. Brownie Points addresses this, working with work-life balance, by recognising that appreciation in the organisation has a real business value.    

Brownie Points can reduce the cost of recruitment, encourage long service and improve competence, improve sales or increase customer satisfaction, while improving staff morale and profitability. 

When entering the Business Awards, the Brownie Points team reviewed their business plan. They looked at where they are today, how far they’ve moved on in a short time, and have since refined where they’re going.  The program has significantly increased the profile of their business.  Winning the award s and getting feedback from the judges has directly fed into further development of their business. Two sponsors of the awards program have become prospective clients, with the award program’s networking being good for business development”. 

For more details go to:

or call Brownie Points on 03 9909 7411




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