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Employee engagement during a pandemic

By October 28, 2020 No Comments

The advent of Covid-19 represents an unprecedented and critical economic test.

In many respects the impact on the workplace has changed significantly, but in others, the trends and issues we were seeing before the pandemic remain consistent in many instances and represent a new dawn in flexible working.

As we enter this new phase, assumptions about job security and earning potential are being severely tested. At the same time, employers and workers are also identifying solutions.

Remote working has come to the fore, and innovation is ramping up as businesses quickly respond and realign their operations and support networks as employers find novel ways to interact with their employees.

Now is the time for organisations to look after the people who work for them. When business leaders step up at a time like this, it builds trust, respect, loyalty, commitment and long-lasting teams.

Contrary to what people think, employee engagement levels, in some instances, have dramatically increased during the Covid-19 pandemic! Clients who decided to survey during the March-August period, peak months of the Covid-19 pandemic, showed noticeable improvements in their levels of employee engagement when compared to their pre-Covid survey results.

Why has employee engagement increased?
The Covid-19 crisis has become the ultimate test of business leadership. Employees have been able to closely assess their leaders’ actions in these uncertain times. Leaders had the chance to rise to the occasion with an appropriate response to the crisis. It has offered them an opportunity to shine in the eyes of their employees.

In successful organisations, employees feel that their leaders took the right business decisions by putting people first, by treating employees with respect, by protecting their jobs. Nothing inspires employee loyalty and engagement more than knowing that your senior leaders care about you as a human being, that you are not just another cog in the machine and you are much more than a number in their financials.

What is driving employee engagement?
Clear direction, trust, empathy, and compassion became critical business leader qualities during the Covid-19 crisis. These were the aspects that led to that noticeable increase in employee engagement.

Successful strategies
Management keeping staff informed about important issues and changes.
Management making its expectations clear.
Management delivering on its promises.

By doing so, business leaders reinforce transparency and honesty in all their internal communications – by constantly updating employees, by being highly visible, by displaying a caring leadership style, these were the actions that became crucial during this uncertain time.

Some Final thoughts…
During these unprecedented times, organisations that decide to put ‘profits’ first, know that their cost-cutting and personnel reduction tactics will have dire consequences on their people’s long-term engagement levels. Most of these organisations recognise this and won’t even dare surveying their employees, which is a mistake. During times of uncertainty, it is always recommended to monitor, evaluate and quantify any potential engagement risk in the organisation.

Let’s not forget, employees will remember for a long time how they were treated during the Covid-19 crisis. Treating those employees who are or will be negatively impacted by Covid-19 with dignity, respect and support, is not only the humane thing to do, it is also a powerful way of showing those who remain what kind of organisation they now work for.

Employers who are taking steps to encourage remote collaboration and social interaction, communicating with positive messaging and focusing on safety are likely to be repaid in staff loyalty.

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