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Forgotten Heroes

By January 23, 2022 No Comments

Forgotten Heroes

The subject of staff commissions and bonuses can be a sensitive topic of conversation in any organisation. With staff shortages due to Covid, the whole “package” discussion is a hot topic for conversation for many organisations.

Most companies pay their sales staff a commission based on performance. After all, these frontline staff are often seen as the lifeblood of a company. No issue there.

But what about your forgotten heroes working behind the scenes? They too play a critical role, and motivating and engaging these staff members, and making them feel part of the vision and included is just as important if you are looking to improve your business.

Staff in your back office or back of house departments such as administration, finance, despatch logistics, warehousing, technical support, human resources, marketing, customer service, reception, housekeeping and production are often overlooked when it comes to recognition for their excellent efforts, contributions and behaviours. Without these key employees things would not get done, rooms would not be cleaned, items would not be despatched or invoices sent out.

Forward thinking companies realise that developing a Culture of Appreciation needs to be “fully inclusive” to ensure All employees are passionate about what they do, knowing how their contribution fits into the big picture and are recognised for their contribution. Giving positive feedback, recognising random acts of kindness, and recognition for performance are all key components when building such a culture, and when done correctly it can reduce staff turnover and absenteeism, increase productivity and improve gust/customer experience.

It is important that when building a culture of appreciation, positive feedback is seen and celebrated by the whole of the organisation, and it is timely, sincere and appropriate. Many companies are implementing recognition platforms such as Brownie Points to deliver these key drivers.

It is proven that inspired and motivated staff can make a major difference to your bottom line, so their efforts need to be recognised, especially when their behaviour goes above and beyond what they are expected and paid to do.

The situation since Covid is even more challenging, as many staff are working remotely, or are functioning is a hybrid fashion, and wellbeing has become a key factor in ensuring that staff feel appreciated, valued, part of the team and “included.”

Implementing a recognition program can help to ensure that all members of staff are recognised (and rewarded?) for positive behaviour. This in turn can significantly improve the areas of your business that were previously overlooked. Recognising exceptional behaviour of staff members who live by corporate values and exceed their KPIs can have a tremendous positive impact on your bottom line. And don’t forget teams. A team incentive can also have a major impact on business performance and staff motivation.

A program doesn’t have to cost the earth. A well planned and implemented recognition platform such as Brownie Points will deliver a significant return on your investment, making justification a no brainer.

Appreciating the contribution of your employees is not a “nice to have” but is a strategic component for corporate success.

Thought leading organisations around the world understand the value of passionate employees and what they bring to their brand.

Those companies understand the correlation between passionate and engaged employees, brand value and corporate performance.

If you don’t appreciate your employees, then your competitors certainly will.

Tony Delaney, CEO Brownie Points

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