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Inspiration is the new engagement

By October 1, 2022 No Comments

Inspiration is the new engagement

The reality is that people of all generations respond positively to being trusted – it’s simply the best way to lead a team.

When people are trusted and inspired, they will tend to work harder and be more loyal, staying with their employer longer, and when they are not trusted and inspired, they will move on and seek a place where their passion can be ignited.

If as a manager you want to move the needle on engagement, TRUST is the number one factor that will drive it – significantly!

A recent study by ADP Research Institute found that people are fourteen (14) times more likely to be fully engaged when they have confidence in their immediate manager, and they feel trusted.

Too often, the underlying paradigm for many managers who are struggling to increase engagement is that they are still grounded in the outdated Command and Control systems of the 70’s. It’s a style that is efficient with people but doesn’t engage them.

And what’s the point of attracting talent and retaining people if you are not engaging them?

Nothing engages people like being trusted. Think about your own experience. When you’re trusted, what does that do for your engagement? What about when you are not trusted? I bet there is a huge difference.

Is there a level above being engaged? YES – it’s being inspired.

Inspiration is the new engagement. If you don’t inspire your employees, better get ready to recruit as your top talent walks out the door.

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