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5 Steps to ensure success

By April 21, 2012 May 6th, 2020 No Comments

I recently met with a company that had attempted to deliver a reward and recognition program which had failed to inspire staff, despite their best efforts and intentions.

When we looked a little deeper at the program, the reasons for the lack of success were clear. As a result, we developed a list of 5 steps to consider to give your business the greatest opportunity to deliver a reward program that motivates and inspires staff, while delivering a measurable return on investment.

Step1. Promote your program. Maximise the effect of the program by announcing the rewards and the criteria for winning them before you start tracking performance. Organise a company meeting to promote the reasons for the program to build enthusiasm and desire to participate.

Step 2. Instant recognition. This is crucial. The company I had spoken with had used a spread sheet to record behaviours, which was given to the staff at the end of each month. The employees often could not remember what they had done to receive the recognition. Utilising technology to deliver instant recognition will motive and inspire your team.

Step 3. Make the rewards achievable. For the team to be motivated by the rewards, all participants have to believe they have a fair chance of winning them. If you set the bar too high, you’ll be seen as out of touch with reality–and your employees will wonder why they should even try.

Step 4. Celebrate success. The company I had spoken to had quietly presented the staff members with their rewards. When an employee receives an award, celebrate their success. Announce it at a team meeting or send out a company-wide email promoting the success. This will build the enthusiasm among the rest of the team.

Step 5. Make the program transparent. There’s no faster way to destroy morale and motivation than to let the tiniest bit of favouritism creep into a reward program. If your team believes you’re playing favourites, they will quickly lose interest. To prevent this, make the criteria clear and quantifiable.

Your ultimate goal is to have everyone thinking “I can achieve that”

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