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Building your Culture through Engagement

By February 17, 2023 February 19th, 2023 No Comments

Building your Culture through Engagement

Employee engagement is a measurement of how motivated, passionate, and invested employees are to their work, their employer, and their colleagues. Employees are engaged when leaders can align their strengths with the company’s goals.

While similar, engagement does not always equal job satisfaction, which is how happy an employee is with their role regardless of whether they feel committed and connected to the company. However, an engaged employee is motivated to achieve both their personal and company goals.

Thought leading HR Managers leaders understand just how meaningful employee engagement is in the workplace – because people who voluntarily engage through discretionary effort, and work towards shared goals, can help in many aspects of the organisation.

In a recent Gallup report they found that companies with high employee engagement saw significant improvements in sales performance, customer experience and retention, and consequently, higher profits.

Employee recognition programs have started to play a prominent role in enhancing and monitoring employee engagement, while aiding wellbeing, and aligning employee effort with business goals to build a strong corporate culture.

With the COVID-19 pandemic sending the world into a new way of working with many hybrid environments, recognition programs have become even more essential to help ensure employee engagement and wellbeing in an organisation.

Building your Culture through Engagement and looking after your employees is not a “nice thing to do.”

It should be at the top of your priority list if you want to retain and attract top talent.

After all, if you don’t look after your top performers your competitors will.

Tony Delaney

CEO Brownie Points

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