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Employee Appreciation Day

By February 26, 2023 No Comments

This coming Friday is Employee Appreciation Day.

Who invented this most ridiculous and meaningless event?

Any manager worth their salt should know and understand that you DO NOT appreciate employees ONE DAY PER YEAR. This is as meaningless as giving someone an annual anniversary award for just turning up rather than for their contribution.

Forward thinking managers and businesses buy into appreciation, positive feedback and recognition which is given WHENEVER IT IS APPROPRIATE and should be given in a timely and sincere manner.

Building a culture of appreciate where employees feel valued, appreciated, respected and part of the corporate vision should be the goal to maximise employee passion and commitment.

Any business that simply supports Employee Appreciation Day is never going to be an employer of choice and is likely to suffer from significant turnover and loss of talent.

The world has enough stupid celebration days, and THIS SHOULD NOT BE ONE.

Give appreciation on the 3rd March, but let it be like any other day.

Tony Delaney

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