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Employee Experience

The quality of employee experience is becoming a game changer now as companies are trying to work out how to motivate their people to come back to the office or to support their wellbeing and well doing in the new hybrid workplaces.

Passion in the workplace and employee experience are the new buzz words as we move to the Future of Work. Engagement is now part of a bigger conversation. Research and experience tell us that the most engaged and passionate employees own what they create, and they take responsibility when they care about the topics, emotionally, from the heart.

Recognition & Positive Feedback

By recognising and giving positive feedback on “good to great” and “moments of truth” behaviours as part of your daily culture, while combining your recognition culture with an at scale tech such as the Brownie Points platform is proven to deliver measurable results.

For companies that “get it” the benefits will be huge, with reduced staff turnover, increased productivity, greater client experience, fewer sick days and increased discretionary effort being just some of the deliverables, all of which will positively impact the bottom line.

Tailoring Employee Initiatives

Brownie Points is working with thought leading organisations around the world to tailor employee initiatives that have a positive impact on the bottom line, while improving employee satisfaction and wellbeing, and with our growing network of alliance partners we can support any business no matter the size or budget.

Culture of Appreciation

Culture of Appreciation

Read how a Culture of Appreciation
is transforming the employee experience.

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