The Challenge

Employee engagement is one of the leading business issues and a major driver across commercial, not for profit  and government organisations around the world. Talent retention, absenteeism and employee attraction  are often key issues with a lack of recognition and  appreciation regularly scoring low in employee  engagement surveys. So how do you improve employee engagement and  become an employer of choice in your highly competitive  marketplace?

Major Benefits

Brownie Points programs are proven to deliver major benefits across any organisation, regardless of the market  or size.
These include:

  • Improved staff retention and reduced absenteeism
  • Quality and productivity improvements
  • Innovation and cost saving initiatives
  • Improved customer and guest loyalty
  • Improved compliance
  • Increased talent attraction
  • Increased discretionary effort

With a global network of Distributors and a 24 x 7 Support Desk, Brownie Points is the platform of choice for thought
leading organisations looking to leverage their human
capital investment.


Our recognition and rewards programs are proven to improve employee engagement.
Increased employee engagement is the key to boosting business results on metrics such as productivity, profitability, customer satisfaction and employee retention.
Recognised employees are more productive delivering discretionary effort as the result of their increased emotional commitment to their jobs and their companies.
This delivers measurable benefits to your bottom line.

Your People,
Your Programs,
Your Culture


Celebrate birthdays, annual anniversaries and significant milestone

Recognition Awards


Give recognition for On-boardingsuccess, academic excellenceor other notable achievements


Achieving the highest standards of work by helping customers and colleagues

My Actions

Solving a customer issue or working with a colleague to the highest level to produce a positive outcome


Doing something really awesome for a colleague and going “above and beyond”

Customer Focus

Understanding what clients or guests want and delivering a great experience to ensure their satisfaction

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