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Employee Engagement Seminar

By November 15, 2017 May 6th, 2020 No Comments

Brownie Points is proud to announce that we will be participating in a seminar on Employee Engagement which is being hosted by one of our major Australian partners, SACS Consulting, in Melbourne CBD on Tuesday 28th November.

Andrew Marty will be the main presenter, and Paul Schmeja, CEO of First Contact will be a guest speaker, talking about his experiences on how to maximise  employee engagement. A story not to be missed.

The latest blog from Andrew is featured below. If you would like to attend this free seminar, which is almost full, click on the link below.

One of the key things which determines how engaged your employees will be in their work is their psychological environment. When employees are surrounded by positivity they are far more likely to be productive and happy in their work (eg Albrecht and Marty, 2017).

Employee recognition can make a major contribution to employees’ attitudes to their jobs, their colleagues, and their leaders. Here are a few key tips that you might like to consider to optimise your staff recognition:

  • Make it peer based. It is far more effective to have a recognition system which is conferred by colleagues than by the boss. Leader awarded systems do work and they are valuable but peer recognition systems, if properly constructed, work better.
  • Make it instant – it is a really good idea to have an automated system which allows instant recognition of when somebody does a good, kind or helpful thing. One thing we know about rewards is that the closer they are to the positive act, the more likely it is that the positive act will be repeated.
  • Make it organisation wide. If you want to reduce silos having a process whereby you can recognise the performance of a colleague in another office is incredibly powerful.
  • Brand it. Developing a brand image for your employee recognition program, especially one which aligns with what your organisation stands for, can really add to its effectiveness. Get a representative group of employees together and get them to create the brand. This will also result in higher levels of engagement of the staff with the program.

Fortunately, technology solutions allow all of this to happen much more effectively and affordably these days. SACS has partnered with Brownie Points to offer an extremely affordable form of this technology to our clients. To learn more about this, we invite you to attend our upcoming free seminar which will show you what the research evidence says about optimum employee recognition and show you how to do it.

Andrew Marty, Managing Director, SACS Consulting

Brownie Points is rapidly becoming a solution of choice for forward thinking companies that understand the relationship and potential benefits between employee engagement and corporate performance. To learn how Brownie Points can help your business, call us today on 03 9909 7411, or to book your free demonstration email us at


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