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Improving Employee Productivity

By July 13, 2015 May 6th, 2020 No Comments

Some employees are just lazy and nothing you do is going to change that. But most of the time, when employees are not productive, it is due to flawed management practices.

There are a lot of things a manager can do to help employees shine, and with the high number of disengaged employees that studies have shown are in the workforce, it is probably worth taking the time to improve in some of these areas. Employee engagement is directly related to productivity.

Employees become engaged when they know the company or product well and can have a say in some of its operations, when they are comfortable with their coworkers and happy with their bosses, and when they like and understand the tools and processes they work with every day. Having their needs met in these ways allows for maximum creativity and focus.

Make sure employees are well trained

When you don’t really know what you’re doing, it’s hard to feel a sense of belonging and it’s impossible to be efficient. Devise a training program for your employees and make sure they know how to solve even the toughest problems they may encounter at work. Provide resources for further learning and for brushing up old skills. Make sure employees have some time to devote to this at work. When you give your employees a little time to learn while on the clock, they will see how important it is to you that they become experts.

Be a good example

Enthusiasm and good will are contagious. Show your employees how to love the company. Be on time and demonstrate the value of good attendance. Be respectful and patient. Give your employees a little extra and they will give you a little extra. Be a good example in all ways and at all times so employees see the genuine example in you.

Update your business processes

It is annoying to have to go back in time when you walk through the office door. Waiting on slow computers, filing multiple copies of something that could easily be stored online, doing inventory by hand when there is an app designed for that, writing out your time on paper or in excel, and using a paper schedule have all become pretty irritating in recent years. Eliminate as many outdated business processes as possible and your employees will have the time and the patience to focus on more meaningful work.

Allow employees to maximise their contribution

Full time employees spend a significant chunk of their lives at work and, consequently, much of their contribution in the world is this work that they do for you. If they spend their whole day at work just following orders, it’s going to get old and engagement will inevitably drop. Every human being needs to feel that they are contributing to something. Certainly, employees can fulfill this need elsewhere but if you give them the opportunity to fulfill some of it with you, you will have a very loyal, productive staff member on your hands.

Encourage coworker relationships

While you probably cringe at the idea of coworkers “wasting” their time chatting, remember that people are social creatures and positive relationships are never a waste of time. They make us happy and happiness makes engaged employees. Talking and building friendships is very meaningful to us and when these needs are rejected, the 8 or 9 hours we spend at work each day can become devoid of meaning. Encouraging a social culture at work might be one of the smartest moves you can make as an employer. Not only will you see less staff turnover, but your employees will want to come to work.

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