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Improving sales staff performance

By February 2, 2012 May 6th, 2020 No Comments

Many companies are looking to inspire and engage their sales employees through the use of reward and recognition programs.

Reward programs are designed to directly impact the type of person who is attracted to a sales job and influence the behaviours of those employees.

World Class Sales Reward Plans Accomplish the Following:

  • They allow an organisation to attract the best available talent
  • They ensure the company retains its top performers
  • They reward exceptional performance
  • They align the sales force activities with the company’s strategic objectives

Things to consider when implementing a reward program

Selection – Recruiting and selecting the right talent needed for each sales position is a most important skill of sales management. Recruiting engaged and inspired staff will generate the best results.

Raising the Bar– Sales and service improvement is an outcome of deliberate, planned actions over time, at all levels. “Raising the bar” must be the primary objective of sales and management.  

Sales Process – Documenting your sales methodology and best practices through KPIs (key performance indicators) for sales staff and sales managers provides a “framework of excellence” for improving your selling system.

ChangePeople change behaviours because they want to, because the value of change is compelling, and because it benefits them significantly as individuals. If you want to change behaviours, actively engage your people in the solution. It is their ownership that ensures long-lasting change.

Measurement is the essential ingredient of process improvement. Without clear expectations (KPIs) for activity and performance, sales improvement efforts seldom hit the mark.

Reward programs provide the tools to implement change. Program development is not a one-time effort, but a continuous process of enhancing, modifying, and applying them to the business.

Reward and recognition practices must be aligned to strategy. Alignment creates leverage and increases the potential to maximise revenues.

Customer Retention is the ultimate barometer of success. Its focus is indispensable, and everyone in the organisation must take ownership for their role in adding value and enhancing the customer experience.

Ideally you want to engage everyone in your company. If you can’t engage everyone, focus on the people who have the  biggest impact on customer experience and the highest performance to maximise your return on investment.

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