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Major Alliance announced

By August 4, 2016 May 6th, 2020 No Comments

Brownie Points and HR Coach Australasia have entered into an Alliance Program allowing HR Coach members to introduce and recommend the Brownie Points employee engagement platform and deliver a range of accompanying services to their clients, giving the HR Coach Network members a competitive advantage and new revenue streams. 

HR Coach Australasia is a national professional services group committed to creating value through effective management of people and organisations. With more than 120 independent HR consulting organisations in the alliance program, the HR Coach group has an established reputation that is built on a history of understanding, objectivity and practicality. The HR Coach member’s clients are organisations of all sizes, operating in many locations and from all industries.

HR Coach licences its STAR Workplace Program to its alliance partners. The STAR Workplace program is designed to recognise and celebrate the achievements of STAR employers and the dedicated employees that work within the organisation. Based on research conducted by the HR Coach Research Institute, the STAR Workplace Program is a key measure of an organisation’s ability to create Strategic Action in their business. It also highlights organisations that are committed to attracting, retaining and developing high quality staff. The STAR Workplace Program has been used since 2008 to survey thousands of workers across all industries and organisation sizes.

The Browniepoints engagement platform is proven to improve employee performance, making it an ideal ‘add on’ to the STAR Workplace Program.  If low ratings have been identified in their client’s reward/recognition STAR result, Browniepoints is a logical solution. Recognition has a major impact on a company – from the bottom line to the discretionary effort your client’s employees are willing to put in.  Recent research indicated that employees who ‘feel valued, appreciated and respected’ have the strongest association with overall engagement.  (Employee Engagement Trends Report 2016). Browniepoints is a fully configurable, cloud based, real time positive behaviour recognition platform that helps your clients develop employee recognition and incentive programmes to motivate and inspire their staff. A Browniepoints staff recognition program is designed to deliver major benefits across the organisation including;

  • Improved staff retention and increased talent attraction
  • Quality, compliance and productivity improvements
  • Increased sales revenues and profitability
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Innovation and cost saving initiatives
  • Improved customer loyalty

Your clients recognition and reward program can recognise excellent performance and deliver timely information to managers, team leaders, supervisors and employees via their desktop, tablet or smart phone devices. Browniepoints is a low cost of ownership, multi award winning, Australian owned developed and supported solution delivering many benefits, including:

  • Fast implementation to deliver key business results in the shortest time
  • Intuitive to learn and fun to use utilising ‘gamification’ methodology to maximise user adoption
  • Simple to personalise, reducing staff training and implementation costs
  • Low impact to maximise performance
  • Easy maintenance to deliver an affordable cost of ownership
  • Award winning technology that is proven and low risk

We believe that your client’s employees are their only competitive advantage and staff engagement is vital if they wish to maximise the potential in their people to grow their business.  Browniepoints gives your clients managers the opportunity to keep their finger on the pulse of staff engagement. There are a number of significant benefits for HR Coach Alliance members including the following;

  • A proven, low risk, award winning solution to give you peace of mind while delivering a value add service to your clients
  • A variety of additional revenue opportunities (e.g. Training and design workshops, program promotion and launch, daily admin etc).
  • A competitive advantage over non alliance partners.

Tony Delaney, CEO of Brownie Points commented “This is a great day for Brownie Points and the HR Coach Alliance. The agreement endorses our commitment to lifting employee engagement, and the relationship means that we now have a wide network of alliance partners across Australia and New Zealand. This is a major benefit for our clients, as well as adding value to the alliance members portfolios, giving them a new revenue stream and a competitive advantage. I am looking forward to growing the alliance program with the HR Coach members over the coming months” he commented.

To learn more about Brownie Points or the HR Coach Alliance program, call Tony on 03 9909 7411 or email us at




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