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Recognition programs can pay multiple dividends part 5

By February 8, 2018 May 6th, 2020 No Comments

This is the final part of our five part blog on how employee recognition programs can pay multiple dividends.

No Permanent Home

An effective recognition initiative has a home — and I mean that in both a literal and figurative sense.

It needs a home in your daily activities, and in your office — whether it’s being displayed on a big screen in the lobby, across your communication & collaboration tools, during all-hands meetings, or all of the above.

Why it’s a problem

If there’s no place for recognition to live, it’s going to be as sparse and patchy as an un-watered lawn in the middle of summer.

How to fix it

Provide a hub for all the recognition going on in your organisation, so that everyone can participate, even if they’re not the giver or recipient.

That can be something like a Slack channel dedicated to recognition, or a purpose-built platform designed specifically to integrate with your current tools, and make implementing employee recognition as seamless, and effective as possible.

You’ll likely find that one piece of visible recognition leads others to add on their own show of appreciation without any outside interference. Once the snowball starts rolling, it will pick up speed.

Ownership from the top

Apart from having somewhere to centralise your recognitions, and there are now some great recognition tools on the market, and having an owner of the program to monitor and Administer the prgram, it also needs ownership from the top.

For any recognition program to be truly effective, and have a measurable return on investment, senior management have to embrace, endorse and utilise the program too, so that employees can see that this is an important corporate initiative, not just a “nice thing to do.”

The most effective programs I have seen have all been embraced by the CEO and his or her executive team, where they have stressed the importance of “living the corporate values ” and giving appreciation to colleagues.

In conclusion

In truth, there are a lot more ways a recognition program can go ‘right’ than go ‘wrong.’ By keeping a few key considerations in mind, you can ensure the bandwidth you’re dedicating to this effort will return the maximum value possible, and provide your team with the recognition-rich atmosphere they’ve earned.

Brownie Points, in conjunction with its international distributors and local partners, is helping thought leading organisations implement employee recognition programs to maximise employee engagement, and to improve business performance.

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