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The future of Work is already here

By August 14, 2022 No Comments

The future of Work is already here

Since the advent of Covid the world has changed, but unfortunately in many situations our management and leadership style has not.

According to Stephen M Covey, there are now 5 Emerging Forces that impact our daily and work lives. He believes that these are:

  1. The nature of the world has changed
  2. The nature of work has changed
  3. The nature of the workplace has changed
  4. The nature of the workforce has changed
  5. The nature of choice has changed

The five Emerging Forces are at work in our world regardless of whether we see them or are even aware of them. These forces of change are swirling all around our jobs, our schools, our family life and our communities.

In order to thrive, let alone survive, in this whirlwind of change we organisationally, and as leaders, need to adapt as fast as things are changing around us.

If leaders fail to adapt, they will likely not be able to deliver on the two epic imperatives of our time-

The first being the ability to create a high trust culture that can attract, retain, engage and inspire their people, and thus win the ongoing talent war, and ultimately “win in the workplace.”

The second is the ability to collaborate and innovate successfully enough to stay highly relevant in a rapidly changing disruptive world, and this “win in the marketplace.”

Managers and leaders should ignore these imperatives at their peril.

Tony Delaney, CEO Brownie Points


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