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The role of Human Resources

By June 16, 2012 May 6th, 2020 No Comments

In your organisation is the HR department strategic or merely administrative? In truth, many would admit to it being the latter while secretly wanting it to be the former, but not knowing how to make the switch.

Now is a great time for HR managers to get a seat at the ‘top table’ and be seen as strategic to the business.

HR does not have to be seen simply as a cost centre for administrative duties such as payroll, and as a professional body HR managers should be asking how they can make a difference in their organisation.

Human Resources should be all about attracting, retaining, inspiring and motivating employees, by initiating proactive measures, rather than being seen as simply reactive. HR should look at the direction of the company and say, ‘We need to be here right along with the business.'”

In order for HR to be more strategic, it should look at new initiatives that will invigorate and motivate staff.

One way to do this is to create a results-focused culture that rewards employees that go the ‘extra mile’. After all, your ‘star performers’ help make your organisation successful, and their extra efforts should be recognised and rewarded.

Implementing a Reward and Recognition program that focuses on business improvement and measures performance against pre- determined Key Performance Indicators is an ideal way to motivate your star performers.

HR can play a pivotal role in building a performance culture: defining, collecting and analysing data to understand whether employees are meeting their personal goals. This is essential to ensure success, and identifies the strategic element to the business, moving HR away from being purely a cost centre.

Are you delivering at a strategic or administrative level?

If you are looking for a seat at the ‘top table’ and want to address the issues of staff engagement and motivation, give the team at Brownie Points a call on 03 9909 7411 or email us at

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