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Walk the Walk

By November 16, 2021 No Comments

If you want the people you manage to show up on time, have a great attitude, show passion in their work and approach problems eagerly and pitch in when needed, YOU must show up on time, have a terrific attitude, show passion, and enthusiastically address problems, and pitch in.

When managers succeed at aligning the company’s performance and productivity expectations with those of the people who report to them, both systems and people fit together perfectly.

The key is to synchronise those expectations and appreciation and positive feedback is one of  the best ways to achieve this.

Managers who value their employees and demonstrate that they do so by leading by example will earn the trust and respect of their employees, and will benefit from increased productivity, reduced staff turnover and sick leave, and increased customer experience.

Unfortunately, studies show that employees frequently look for new jobs, not because they dislike their current job, but because they can’t stand their manager. What managers think are “personality conflicts” are more often the response of under valued employees. Such workers feel used and abused by their managers and as a result don’t trust or respect him or her, and therefore do not give discretionary effort and tend instead to “go through the motions” i.e. just do enough to survive in the role.

Managers must walk the walk and talk to talk to inspire their employees, and do so consistently, while giving positive feedback to build a culture of appreciation.

This will make your business a “great place to work” and will give you a competitive advantage as you benefit from your employees who feel valued, appreciated and respected, and are in line with your corporate vision.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.

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