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Do your emploees trust you?

By May 27, 2020 No Comments

Trust in managers, or the need for it by employees, is often one of the top items on employee engagement surveys, and lack of feedback and recognition is closely tied to this.

This situation has not changed over the past few years, but the importance of trusting leaders has increased due to market volatility and high profile cases highlighting breaches of corporate trust.

Trust in management is even more relevant in the current climate, as many employees are feeling isolated and unclear about the direction of the viability of their employer.

When it comes down to it employees want to know that those at the helm of the business can navigate the company aware from the current issues into success and good communication is critical.
Poor communication, inequity of feedback and recognition, and failure to listen to employees all contribute to the lessening of trust.

Managers need a clear communication channel to promote the vision, corporate values and the direction of the company.

Many organisations tie these activities into Recognition Programs, which are a perfect vehicle, but managers often forget that the actions and communication in the program needs to be continued, not just carried out at the beginning of the program or when it is review time.

If managers demonstrate to employees how positive feedback and recognition will help them and their colleagues, they are more likely to be pro-active when awarding colleagues recognition and giving feedback.

You can control many elements of a recognition program by setting budgets and rewards values so they do not cost a fortune, but it is important that managers “walk the walk” and continuously engage with the program to build trust in their teams. Now is a great time to implement such a program.

Active management in giving feedback and recognition will help build a culture of giving around your values and vision for the business, so remember that a recognition platform is only as good as the managers who manage it. Without their active support it will be destined to fail.

Tony Delaney, CEO Brownie Points


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