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By December 20, 2015 May 6th, 2020 No Comments

As a small growing eLearning company we were looking for an online rewards system that would provide our current staff with instantaneous rewards and recognition while providing the ability for staff to strive towards more aspirational rewards. An internet search provided the names of a number of companies that delivered this service and now it was time to do some more in depth research.

One program stood out to us from the start and initially it was because of the name – Brownie Points, a clever use of well-known term. This was backed up with a visit from Tony, who is very passionate about his product and has some great insights into how best to set up and use the program, along with great stories of other companies journeys into the word of online recognition and rewards. As a result we have chosen Brownie Points for our internal Rewards and Recognition Program and because we liked the name so much we decided to keep it and our internal engagement program will be called Brownie Points!

Leanne Drummy – HR Manager – eCreators

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