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Want more engaged employees? Part 2

By August 8, 2018 May 6th, 2020 No Comments

When managing a department or a business, keeping your team stimulated, alert, and willing to work ‘above and beyond’  or give voluntary contribution to meet a deadline can sometimes be very challenging. And when projects get hectic or deadlines rapidly approach, it may feel almost impossible to maintain your employees’ focus, positive energy, and efficient communication.

So what are some of the proven steps to follow that you can take today to ensure that your employees stay engaged, committed, motivated while delivering discretionary effort and making your business a great place to work?

Here are 5 more simple things you can do right now.

  1. Be transparent

The best leaders provide the members of their team with as much information about the organisation’s plans and future as possible. Filling in your employees on whatever new initiatives you’re working on, as well as updating status for ongoing projects allows people to feel like their opinions and decisions matter, which is integral to maintaining overall team engagement.

  1. Express gratitude

Thanking team members for their good work and contribution is a small thing, but definitely an action that is noticed and greatly appreciated. When you thank someone, they feel that they are valued and appreciated, and they will be much more inclined to produce quality work for the team in the future.

  1. Be sincere

When recognising an employee for their contribution, it is important to be specific about why you appreciate their efforts, AND make sure that you are sincere about it. If you are simply ‘going through the motions’ because you think it is the right thing to do, your employees will see right through your lack of sincerity, and your efforts will be wasted and could be counter productive.

  1. Timely

Make sure that recognition feedback is timely. It is a proven fact that the longer you leave it to thank or praise someone for their contribution, the lower the effect and value it has on the recipient. Where possible broadcast the feedback to your employees, but bear in mind that some of your team may not want public acclaim, so give personal feedback in those situations.

  1. Consistent

Employee recognition inconsistency when feedback is given can be very damaging. “Why did Susan get recognised and rewarded when I did an equally good job and my manager did nothing for me” can often heard around the workplace, so ensure that recognition standards are clearly identified and defined, so that everyone is treated equally and ensure that your managers follow the guidelines to ensure consistency across departments and teams.

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