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Tell your employees their work matters

By November 10, 2021 No Comments

It’s hard to feel that your work matters if you don’t know how or why. Managers need to explain to their team members how their job fits in with the overall goals and purpose of the company.

Right from the first day on the job, let your staff know how important their contribution will be to the overall performance of the company.

Also, giving immediate positive feedback makes it easier for the feedback to be appreciated and valued by the recipient. Target your appreciation and make it specific, timely and relevant, so your feedback is more effective, to help create passion in your employees.

You’re more likely to be regarded as genuine and to be heard as genuine when your appreciative comments are immediate and specific.

“You’re doing a great job” may be sincere and may be heard as such the first few times, but after a while such expressions feel too generic and automatic and lose their value.

When you start by appreciating and valuing what employees are doing correctly, and “look for them doing the rights things” they are more able to listen appreciatively to your corrections and act on them accordingly.

Immediate, specific, and sincere feedback enhances your employees willingness and ability to synchronise with what you expect of them, and should be a key part of your culture of appreciation.

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