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Successfully engaging your sales team

By March 24, 2012 May 6th, 2020 No Comments

Employee engagement is paramount in 2012. In these tough times staff retention should be your priority.

In particular, engagement with your sales team so that they reach their potential and meet your organisations objectives is critical.

Your best sales people will have major insights into how to keep your best customers coming back for more, so keeping them focused and motivated will pay dividends. They will know:

1. It’s not about what your product can do – it’s about what it can do for your customer. Your product or service is an opportunity for your prospective customers. Being specific and unique will give your sales team a competitive edge.

2. Selling is about listening not talking. Every great sales person knows that true customer engagement occurs when they truly listen to what their customers need, fear or dream about, and that can only come about when your prospects feel truly understood.

3. The first sale is just the beginning. The real profits come with follow-up sales. Every day that your staff invest their energy and effort in your business they’re actually placing a new order with your company.

It is significantly less expensive to retain existing customers than open up new accounts. You know that. Just have to look at your recruitment costs to realise this.

As the human resources or business manager in charge of attracting and retaining the best talent you can afford, bear in mind that you are  looking after your organisations most important asset – your people. A truly engaged sales team is worth its weight in gold.

Brownie Points can help you implement a reward program to maximise your sales team’s potential.

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